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Welcome to NIGHT LIFE, my fanart portfolio. Previously housed at Artificial Sweetener, now long lost in the ether, my art has been given a new home at Primordial Souls thanks to Bre. Here you will find wallpapers, icons and wallscrolls predominately featuring Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, Vampire Diaries, Gossip Girl, Twilight, Harry Potter, and Doctor Who among others. All art was made by me, please respect this and credit me. All resources can be found here.

.23RD FEBRUARY 2014.

Hey guys, just a quick update for today. I'm adding two new pieces, 'The Funeral of Hearts' which is Elena and Damon and 'Almost is Never Enough' which is Spuffy :) I hope you like them! :)

The Funeral of Hearts Almost is Never Enough

I hope this new year is going well for you all. The boy and I just got back from a fab trip to Prague which we loved! Too bad I am back at work tomorrow :( I also have quite a few lovely new affys! Here they are below:
Ocean Illusions Night Butterfly Ariashii Blue Hearts Fated Love
Be sure to swing by their sites! Until next time, lots of love!

.1ST JANUARY 2014.

Happy New Year! I hope y'all had an amazing Christmas time! I had the greatest time with my family, Shane and our little kitty Penelope!I'm adding in 5 new pieces today. 4 Mortal Instruments and 1 Vampire Diaries. I hope you guys like them. Wishing everyone a happy and healthy new year!

Gone With The Sin We're Not Broken - Jace and Clary Ice in your Heart - Clary/Sebastian Heart by Heart - Jace and Clary Wrecking Ball - Clary/Simon

And I'm welcoming two wonderful new affiliates :) -
The Last Tear Shadow of the Day


Hey everyone! I'm back! I finally got a new laptop a couple of weeks ago so have been slowly getting used to that. A new layout as you can see. Clary and Jace <3 Hope you like it :) Just adding in two new Spuffy pieces today:

November Rain Tainted Love

Three new lovely affiliates :) Welcome ladies!
Beauty Mark Faithy's Graphics Touch of Grey
Hope everyone is well and more art coming soon! Sending love! <3